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With or without?

How to spend less time on your phone/computer?

The problem’s not always the time online, but how do you spend it: with or without intention.

Let me give you an example so you can understand better what I’m talking about and what does it mean to use technology with intention.

Mirela uses her computer at work every day. She is part of the sales department so her job is mostly about emails, presentations, and reports.

While she is working on a new presentation, she realizes that a piece of information is missing so she’s thinking that maybe Google can help her. In her browser she notices that there’s a new notification on Facebook so she takes a look on what’s new there. 30 minutes later, she realizes that she’s on, reading an article and totally forgot about her presentation.

Have you ever found yourself lost in online like Mirela? I have. This is an example of unintended behavior that most of us have.

On the other side...

Mirela is searching on Google, finds the information that she’s looking for, finishes her presentation and takes a break. For her, it’s important to be up to date with the latest news, so she decides that in her break she will go on Facebook to check what’s new in her group of friends. Then, she will read an article on CNN and after she will continue her work.

Both situations take around 30 minutes. The difference is in how aware Mirela is about spending her time online.

To use technology consciously doesn’t mean to spend less time online, even if many times this is what it’s happening. It’s important for you to be aware, so you can decide what do you want to do with your own time.

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